ENGAGE: A Framework for Cultural Literacy


Do you know where your children are?  It used to be,  parents had to be concerned about the physical locations of their kiddos in order to keep them safe and in a healthy environment. With today’s

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Weekly Chapels a Beacon of Light


“I witnessed my birth country lose its freedoms, and now I’ve come to America and this is my home, and I’m seeing America lose her freedoms.  I cannot be silent and do nothing.  It is time

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Our Savior, The Gift


The toddling two-year-old attacked the box with childish clamors of joy.  The extravagant gold wrapping paper and layers of heavenly tissue flew into the air beside the phenomenal shiny ribbon. The gift received a

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Our Need for a Savior


Psalms 19 lifts our eyes to the majesty of creation.  God’s fingerprints are everywhere, touching every culture and people group around the globe.  But, verse 7 reminds us that the Word of God is

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Panther Project Serves Big Time


The Panther Project served the community on October 6th in a mighty big way.  Twenty-three teams served at eighteen different locations.  We could not be prouder of the work that was accomplished on this

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High School Retreat Makes a Mark


We serve a mighty God and His Presence at retreat was overwhelming!  The Holy Spirit came in full force as students described the life-altering experience as “being hit by a train or a truck”

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