We at Valley Christian School are grateful for donations, prayers, volunteer hours, and inkind gifts from people like you who value Christian education you humbly give honoring the Lord Jesus Christ through this action. You are key to our success!

Valley Christian operates on a budget requiring the school having to raise a percentage of its budget every year. Our families, former families, friends of VCS, and the local community help us to achieve this need. Your kind generosity enables us to provide honorable salaries to our dedicated teachers and to keep tuition costs affordable for our students’ families. As a qualified 501C3 charitable organization, your gifts to Valley Christian are tax-deductible and help the next generation of young men and women lead and serve in today’s world. Please help us with your gifts and prayers to keep Valley Christian’s faith, learning, community a viable option for years and years.

We try to provide different ways to help raise funds for our school from events, to recycling programs, to purchasing items, facility rentals, to even online browsing, and with your help we are able to keep tuition affordable and improve our programs.