Pastor Hadian

“I witnessed my birth country lose its freedoms, and now I’ve come to America and this is my home, and I’m seeing America lose her freedoms.  I cannot be silent and do nothing.  It is time that we stand for the truth and founding principles that have made the United States a beacon of light to the world”

Our guest speaker for weekly chapel, Pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim from Iran who, as the founder of Truth in Love (TIL) Project, travels the United States addressing critical issues that face Christians and America, including the threat of Islam and Shari’ah law.  He risks his life because of his dedication to Jesus; according to the teachings of Islam, his conversion means that he is an “apostate” and deserves to be killed.  What he will share with us is a true “wake up” call!

In addition to speaking during chapel, Pastor Hadian was with our morning Bible classes.  He is an inspiration beyond measure.