We serve a mighty God and His Presence at retreat was overwhelming!  The Holy Spirit came in full force as students described the life-altering experience as “being hit by a train or a truck” and “not even something you can explain or put into words”.

Caleb and Sarah Altmeyer spoke into our lives, teaching about the importance of loving God, loving others and striving for purity.  We focused on our year-long theme of identity, exploring how we see ourselves and how others see us.

Special thanks goes out to our parents whose surprise letters to their children brought many to tears.  The students also appreciated hearing how their teachers see them.  Most importantly, God began working on hearts to help us understand who we are in Christ.  Thanks to the Blew family, we’ll have eight beautiful wooden crosses to display this true identity after we begin the engraving process!

Given the timing of the retreat in the wake of the tragedy at Freeman High School, this was an amazing bonding time for our students and a great chance to integrate our new brothers and sisters in Christ into the VCS  family.  How blessed we are to have opportunities like this to grow closer to and glorify God.

By:  Iavis Kopets, ASB President