We will not conceal them from their children, But tell to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wondrous works that He has done.
Psalm 78:4

Valley Christian School’s elementary comprehensive curriculum is biblically integrated and designed to help learners acquire strong academic skill foundations for success in all areas of life.

The primary grades K-3 provide a strong phonics and developmentally appropriate literature base for reading and writing.  This emphasis continues through upper elementary with a focus on reading story excerpts and novels in a variety of genres.

Lower elementary introduces math concepts and basic facts which build a solid foundation, preparing students for work in the upper elementary.  In the 4th-6thgrades, more advanced applications of math are learned to equip students with a strong math background for pre-algebra, algebra and geometry in junior high and high school programs.

Science and Social Sciences are studied in the context of our modern world and grounded in a solid Biblical Worldview leading to understanding God’s role in history and His created world.

Elective classes, enrichment experiences and field trips are offered throughout the year to fully engage students in addition to lessons being taught in the classrooms.

Panther Attitude

Positive, Attitude, Never Give Up, Thankful, Heart for others, Every day, Respect

Focused Learning
  • Art Education

  • Band (5th-6th)

  • Barnabas & Family Chapels

  • Bible-Positive Action for Christ

  • Computer Lab

  • History

    A Beka, Thematic Units

  • Language

    A Beka, Shurley English, 6 Traits of Writing Emphasis

  • Library

  • Math

    A Beka (PreK-5th), Big Idea (6th)

  • Music Theory and Choir Programs

  • Physical Education

  • Reading

    A Beka, Bob Jones Literature

  • Robotics

  • Science — Bob Jones

  • Spelling — A Beka & ACSI

  • Synchronized learning opportunity for remedial and advanced reading and math

Spiritual Impact
  • A healthy identity in Christ embracing God’s love and respecting others as His divine creation.

  • A heart and mind cultivated in God’s truth and love.

  • A desire to worship God through service to others.

  • A biblical worldview to guide personal behavior and life choices.

  • Character building that establishes leadership qualities to lead this world to Christ.

Elementary Schedule
  • School Hours- 8:15am—3:15pm

  • 4 Day Schedule (Mon-Thurs.)

Meet Our Elementary Teachers
  • Sue Olson

    1st Grade
  • Samantha Kroll

    3rd Grade
  • Richard White

    6th Grade
  • Rachel Bucholtz

    K-8 Choir & Music
  • Pam Rohde

    5th Grade
  • Nichole Bertrand

    4th Grade