Valley Christian School





Our Mission

We are a Christ-centered, loving school community, providing a high standard of education for Christian families, built on a biblical worldview, inspiring Christ-like character and a service to God and the world.

Founded in 1975, Valley Christian School is committed to a Biblical worldview education for Christian families. VCS assists Christian parents in providing a high standard of education and spiritual development for their children within a loving school community. We promote a Christ-like character through service to a broken world in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Start your pre-kindergartner off on the right foot. Four and five-year-old students are welcomed to become a part of the VCS family and start building their academic and spiritual foundation to mirror their family and church values.
AGES: 4 and 5
The VCS Kindergarten program is the perfect partnership your family needs to establish excellence in education and a Christ-centered foundation. Watch as your child advances to perform beyond your expectations.
AGES: 5 and 6
VCS provides strong academics in a community and family setting. We partner with your family to develop a student with a healthy identity in Christ, embraces God’s love, and respects others. We help you establish their heart and mind in God’s truth and love.
GRADES: 1 - 6
Junior High
VCS helps you establish character and leadership in your student through solid Biblical principles. We guide students in their personal behavior and life choices while advancing the academic curriculum to meet future challenges.
GRADES: 7 - 8
High School
VCS provides an intimate and strong academic environment for your student to be grow in their faith, learning, and community. Students will be offered an opportunity to worship God through service and explore their God-given talents and abilities.
GRADES: 9 - 12
Home School
For over 25 years VCS has assisted parents who choose to home school their children. We desire to partner with parents to develop Godly character, study skills, problem-solving and writing abilities, classroom etiquette, and healthy social development.
GRADES: K - 12

Our Teachers Are the Difference

It’s not just a job, it’s a ministry.

Derick Tabish
Derick TabishAdministrator
Joni Croft
Joni Croft5th Grade
Liz Craciun
Liz CraciunK-12 Music/Band/Worship & Junior High Bible
Michael Goering
Michael GoeringSecondary Computers/Art, Robotics and Head of IT
Mick Drick
Mick DrickHigh School Bible & History Teacher
Julie Hicks
Julie HicksSecondary English Teacher
Terry Neve
Terry NeveKindergarten
Debbie Heden
Debbie Heden3rd Grade
Competitive Athletics
Athletics at VCS

Students play, perform, and cheer on competitive teams while demonstrating growth in Christ both on and off the field. Our athletic programs offer coaches who care about students personal and spiritual development along with athletic performance. Students have the opportunity to compete in WIAA-1B.

Spiritual Development
Spiritual Development

VCS programs develop a strong foundation through partnerships with parents and the church to help strengthen the student’s faith in Christ. Our leaders, teachers, coaches, and mentors pour into your student's life from a Christ-centered approach through weekly chapels, Bible classes and lessons, service, prayer, and missions.

Creative Expression
Creative Expression

VCS offers ways for each student to express express, discover, and enhance their talents and abilities. Students are able to creatively showcase their talents through programs such as: drama, worship, art, photography, computer design, writing, band, and choir.

Academic Enhancement
Academic Enhancement

VCS provides many clubs and programs from pre-k through 12th grade to enhance your student's academic achievement and encourage their interests. These include: speech meet, spelling bees, after school chess, tutoring, and other field trips and clubs. VCS also offers concurrent credit and AP coursework to high school students.

STEM Advancement
STEM Advancement

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are critical in today's technology-driven world. VCS has worked to intertwine these programs throughout our current curriculum. We offer programs, such as robotics, to elementary and secondary students to foster a love of STEM knowledge.