Are you looking for a school in the United States? Valley Christian School has openings for International Students, grades 7-12 who are prepared to mainstream into regular classes, you are welcome to apply for admission to Valley Christian School. This opportunity allows students to study and acquire an American education taught through a biblical worldview. Valley Christian High School offers college preparatory academics, including AP courses and a well-rounded approach to education including sports, arts and music. Valley Christian School issues I-20 status to students who meet all our general admissions requirements.

Applying is easy using our online application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents an online tool for monitoring the status of their admission after their application has been submitted. A non-refundable application fee of $250 for 7-12.

To begin the online application process, create an Account. Then log-in to your account and Create A New Student Application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application.

Please select the appropriate grade level you are applying for with “I” before it.

After submitting the application, you will be able to track online your admissions status at the school by logging in to your account. From there you will be able to print the completed applications, monitor when the school receives supplemental application forms and, if necessary, reprint the supplemental forms. Once your application is complete, you will be contacted by the school office to schedule a family interview, and when applicable, a student academic evaluation.

People are really nice and so caring for each other. People growing up in this community may have gotten used to it and might not see it, but this community is very different from what exists outside the school. It honestly feels like home. – Angel Zhang