The toddling two-year-old attacked the box with childish clamors of joy.  The extravagant gold wrapping paper and layers of heavenly tissue flew into the air beside the phenomenal shiny ribbon. The gift received a passing glance while she climbed inside the box and giggled gleefully.  We smiled ruefully at the hours spent in the aisles of Toys R’ Us weighing our options for just the right gift.

God knows our tendency to value the wrappings more than the gift.  Each Christmas, we are challenged to focus on the gift of Jesus our Savior.  We grow in His grace when we recognize Him as the center of our focus every day of the year.  Yet, the wrappings are part of His gift, too, because they point us to the Savior and they help us to gaze thoughtfully at Him.  I am grateful that God chose to wrap His best gift in the extravagant wrappings of humble shepherds, heavenly tissues of angelic chorus’ and phenomenally shiny stars.  These symbols and more can be the constant reminder in this season that Jesus came to save us.  So, when you see a star, when you hear a Christmas carol, while you are wrapping presents, join me in gazing at Jesus Christ the Lord.

By Cathy Hopson