Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.
Joel 1:3

Valley Christian School has been helping homeschool families for 30 years. Our primary goal is to assist parents who have been called by God to homeschool their children. Our desire is to partner with you in the development of Godly character, study skills, problem-solving and writing abilities, classroom etiquette and healthy social development in your children. We do this by having monthly conferences with a certified teacher, who also has experience as a homeschool parent. Families receive help with curriculum decisions, lesson planning and annual testing. Students take part in weekly homeschool classes, or in some cases do everything at home through our accountability program.

VCS Homeschool is a state recognized homeschool extension program.  Which means we meet the requirements to homeschool for you, keep records of school days and subject progress and provide annual testing.  This testing meets the state requirement but is not a state test.  It is an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) supported test.

Being enrolled in VCS Homeschool, all sports and extracurricular activities at VCS are available to your students.  We have elementary middle school and high school sports, band starting in 5th grade, robotics club and more.  Homeschool students and families are also welcome and encouraged to attend the all school Chapels and the Panther Project all school service project. The homeschool program also has regular Homeschool Chapels that are led by secondary students in our program.

Interested in learning more about our Homeschool program? Feel free to connect with us through our contact page or contact Jeanette DeMeis at (509) 924-9131.

1-Day and 2-Day Program Options for Elementary & Secondary

A full class day for students to interact with classmates, teachers and be encouraged and supported for the work they will continue through the week. Students must commit and attend faithfully if enrolled and follow VCS school standards for behavior and clothing. Parents homeschool the rest of the week with support from a teacher advisor.

  • Valley Christian School Homeschool Elementary –grades K-6th meet on Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 8:30-3:00.  Our experienced teachers provide instruction in Bible, History, and Science.
    • We focus our class time to provide enough time to teach those 3 subjects and allow students to positively relate the classwork, their classmates, and teachers.
    • Enrichment is the other focus of the elementary class day. The teacher brings in the enrichment units for Art, Drama/Music, PE, Library or Computers as she develops her class plans to meet the needs/interests of her current class.
    • Math and Language Arts are at home subjects. Our program is designed to meet with you to help select curriculum and develop a plan of how to teach these at home.  We continue to meet with you regularly to record progress, keep records and provide the support and encouragement you may need.
  • Valley Christian School Homeschool Secondary – grades 7th-12th meet on Tuesday and/or Thursdays 8:30-3:00.  Our experienced teachers provide instruction in the 5 core subjects of Bible, Math, History, Science and English. Students experience and connect with the material in a group setting.
    • The goal of the class time is to give students a positive interaction with the subject and set them up with the plan of schoolwork for the week.
    • The teachers communicate with parents about the at home support, grading or project materials needed.
    • Parents will be able to access student’s weekly grades on FACTS.
    • Students will receive an official VCS transcript.
    • 7-12th grade students may enroll in up to three daily classes at Valley Christian School (if space is available). There is an additional cost of $600/class/semester.
  • Once in high school your student will need up to 2 additional credits each year to meet VCS graduation requirements. These courses typically are Foreign Language, Fine Art, Occupational Ed. and PE.
    • Our program is designed to meet with you to select curriculum and develop a plan of how to teach these at home.
    • We continue to meet with you regularly to record progress, keep records and provide the support and encouragement you may need.

Designed to partner with parents who desire to homeschool all subjects at home.

  • Valley Christian School Homeschool Accountability Program –With the parent as the primary teacher, a Homeschool Program Teacher meets with you regularly to advise and provide the support and encouragement you may need.
    • We help you select curriculum to fit your student’s and family’s dynamics
    • Help you develop a plan for the year
    • Provide annual testing in March
    • Provide accountability, record progress, keep your student’s records, yearly report card and confer credits for official transcripts
    • Advise for high school credits needed to meet state and VCS graduation requirements
    • VCS Accountability graduates receive a VCS diploma

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Jeanette DeMeis at (509) 924-9131.

Meet Our Homeschool Teachers
  • Van Quynh Moua

    Homeschool 2-3
  • Shaelyn Boomer

    Homeschool K-1
  • Rachel Machava

    Homeschool Secondary Math & Science
  • Mary Segalla

    Homeschool 4-5
  • Jeanette DeMeis

    Homeschool Coordinator, Homeschool Secondary Teacher