Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.
Joel 1:3

Valley Christian School has been helping homeschool families for over 25 years. Our primary goal is to assist parents who have been called by God to homeschool their children. We do this by having monthly conferences with a certified teacher, who also has experience as a homeschool parent. Families receive help with curriculum decisions, lesson planning and annual testing. Students take part in weekly homeschool classes, or in some cases do everything at home through our accountability program.

Our desire is to partner with you in the development of Godly character, study skills, problem-solving and writing abilities, classroom etiquette and healthy social development in your children. We provide outreach opportunities, projects, and annual events with and apart from the day school. Families are encouraged and welcomed to attend the all school service project called the Panther Project in October, along with other fundraising events.

Are you interested in learning more about our Homeschool programs? Please head over to our contact page and send us a note or contact Joy Hill at (509) 924-9131.

Full Program

Our one day a week elementary classes are Christ centered and fully cover Bible, geography, and science. The students have computer time and a little grammar, punctuation, and math. Parents like you are encouraged to spend their time teaching reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and math at home. Parents report to the teacher each month on their child’s progress for their permanent file. Elementary students can participate in PE, music, choir, and chess with the day school classes. We have a limit of twelve students in each of our elementary classes. Standardized tests are given in March, and students participate in a different type of symposium each year. We collect socks, peanut butter, and jelly for homeless teens each year.

On Tuesdays our middle school and high school classes teach Bible, history, science, math, and English from a Biblical word view. Each teacher communicates with students and their parents weekly so that everyone knows what work is to be completed at home, and what needs to be corrected before the following Tuesday. High school students also have two classes that must be completed at home each year in order to graduate through our program – PE, foreign language, fine arts, and occupational education. Homeschool students are welcome to participate in all the day school activities, sports, robotics, chess… and can take up to three day school classes for a fee. Our small class sizes allow for socializing as well as plenty of time for our teachers to cover the necessary material while building a relationship with each student. We keep track of grades and meet with parents monthly to go over student progress as they work toward a graduation diploma and to keep their permanent file current. Standardized tests are given in March.

Includes all features of the Accountability Program, plus:

  • One day/week classes, Tuesdays 8:15-3:00 for K-12th on the Valley Christian School campus.

  • Students must follow VCS standards for dress and behavior when at school.

  • Activities such as outreach projects, special programs, Science, Literature or History Symposium are incorporated at all levels.

  • Students may participate in VCS sports.

  • Students may attend Wednesday chapels. (Grades 3-12)

  • High School students may attend the Christmas Banquet, the Junior/Senior Banquet along with the Fall and Spring retreats with the day school.

Elementary, Grades K-2
  • One day/week enrichment classes include Hands-on Science, Bible, Geography, Writing, Computer Lab, Art, PE, Music, and Math Skills.

  • 1st and 2nd grade students may take part in Valley Christian elementary choir, classroom music and PE classes.

Elementary, Grades 3-5
  • One day/week enrichment classes include Bible, Science, Geography, Computer Lab, PE, Music, and Art.

  • Students may take part in Valley Christian elementary choir, classroom music, computer and PE classes.

Middle School, Grades 6-8
  • Students receive instruction, homework assignments and grades for weekly classes in Bible, Math, Science, English, and History

  • Students in weekly classes receive mid-quarter on-line Progress Reports and semester Report Cards online.

  • 7th & 8th grade students may take up to three daily VCS classes, if space is available. There is an additional cost per class.

High School, Grades 9-12
  • Credits may be earned through home-taught courses, weekly and/or daily VCS classes.

  • One day/week classes include Science, Bible, Math, History and English.

  • Students receive instruction, homework assignments and grades for weekly classes.

  • Students in weekly classes receive mid-quarter on-line Progress Reports and semester Report Cards on line.

  • They receive a Valley Christian high school transcript/diploma.

  • Students may take up to four daily VCS classes, if space is available. There is an additional cost per daily class per year.

Accountability – All Families

Accountability students are taught by you at home from an approved curriculum. Parents meet with the Homeschool Coordinator monthly to show work samples and to report on their child’s progress for their permanent file. Secondary students are required to have daily grades, test grades, and a final grade for each subject, each quarter as they work toward the diploma requirements. Standardized tests are given in March.

Grades K-8
  • Families receive a weekly newsletter; these are also posted on the school’s Edline website.

  • Students receive annual standardized testing, and cumulative school files are maintained.

  • Curriculum options are discussed and evaluated. However, this is very individualized for classes taught at home and curriculum will be purchased by the parents.

  • Workshops and Valley Christian School Parent-Teacher Fellowship meetings are open to all parents.

Grades 9-11
  • Sr. High students may earn grades and credits toward graduation.

  • All course work is done outside VCS. The parent verifies this work via monthly meetings with the teacher/advisor.

  • In order for accountability students to receive a high school diploma they must complete the VCS graduation requirements.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Joy Hill at (509) 924-9131 to learn more.

Meet Our Homeschool Teachers
  • Tanya Herrick

    Homeschool Enrichment & Teacher’s Assistant
  • Shaelyn Boomer

    Homeschool, K-2nd
  • Rachel Machava

    Homeschool Secondary Math & Science
  • Pastor Bryan Herrick

    Homeschool Secondary Bible & History
  • Nichole Bertrand

    4th Grade
  • Morgan Meeks

    Full-Time Substitute Teacher