VCS unites to develop a strong foundation, partnering with parents and the church to help strengthen the student’s faith in Christ. Through weekly chapels, Bible classes, lessons, service, prayer, and missions. Teachers, coaches, faculty, and mentors invest in your student’s life from a Christ-centered, biblical world view.

We desire students leave VCS possessing a healthy identity in Christ, embracing God’s love, and respecting others as His divine creation with a heart and mind grounded in God’s truth and love. VCS ultimate goal is to help you instill in your student a desire to worship God through service to others and a biblical worldview to guide personal behavior and life choices. We hope the partnership with you will build character and establish leadership qualities in young people to lead this world to Christ and make a greater difference beyond their years at VCS.

VCS Spiritual Impact
  • Weekly Chapels

  • Mission Club

  • Prayer Groups

  • Service Projects

  • Secondary Retreats

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Daily Bible Lessons/Classes

  • Mentoring the Heart of Students

  • Baranabus Chapel Recognizing Students