An increasing number of parents and educators are faced with the responsibility of helping students who struggle with learning disabilities. Although some of these students have average to superior ability in general, they may experience significant difficulties in acquiring listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, reasoning or mathematical skills.

Valley Christian School has established a Directed Studies Program to respond to some of these varying academic needs. The program is designed to formally asses, monitor, and create individualized plans for the 5-10 % of students with unique needs. Our coordinators provide immediate and long range plans. The approach of the program includes remedial help through independent study opportunities to overcome deficiencies in skills or knowledge. Students are also worked with in the regular classroom where teachers are assisted in making appropriate accommodations and/or modifications to help the students learn who do not fit the conventional curriculum approaches, enabling them to reach their God-given learning potential.

VCS determines on an individual basis through testing and counsel if a potential student’s needs can be met. The school is not equipped to handle more severe learning disabilities and special education needs at this time. Special public school resources are also available to our students.