What is Variable Tuition?


Variable Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program. The Variable Tuition program makes a Valley Christian education affordable to many qualified students who might not be able to join our school community otherwise. Note to

What is Variable Tuition?2021-05-10T10:00:30-07:00

Am I Eligible for Variable Tuition?


New and current VCS families may apply for Variable Tuition. If you are concerned about the cost of tuition or think you may qualify for Variable Tuition, we encourage you to apply. Many factors are

Am I Eligible for Variable Tuition?2021-05-10T14:11:06-07:00

Can I Know My Variable Tuition Rate Ahead of Time?


Yes, you can receive a Variable Tuition estimate from our Business Office before you apply for Valley Christian School.

Can I Know My Variable Tuition Rate Ahead of Time?2021-05-10T14:26:20-07:00

How Do I Apply For Variable Tuition?


First, complete the admissions or re-enrollment application for all students in your family as early as possible. Then, for returning families, complete the Variable Tuition application before the May 31st deadline. For new families, the

How Do I Apply For Variable Tuition?2021-05-10T14:27:18-07:00
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