When I came to Valley Christian School in October of last year I was totally energized at the possibilities of what “could be” for VCS. I had no idea what would happen over the next several months, but to say the least it has been completely inspiring!

I’m Todd Sturgis, and I’m the Executive Director of the VCS Foundation and head of Foundational Development for VCS. When I arrived at the school my goal was to get the structure for the VCS Foundation set, so that I can quickly get into major gift fundraising for the school. God had a little bit different plan…quickly I became involved in heading up the program to secure investment funds to allow VCS to purchase the facilities that we had been leasing for the Central Valley School District for several years. This is a total game changer for me, VCS Foundation and our ability to fundraise in a big way, and the Valley Christian School community as a whole. Having our own campus make anything possible for the future, so I jumped head first into a new venture for me. I have been amazed at how God has worked in my life through this process, and his provision through dedicated friends and family of VCS.

school sketch

On July 20, 2017 the closing documents were signed, and the campus at 10212 E. 9 th Ave. in Spokane Valley belongs solely to VCS. Now starts the really hard, but fun work of securing the funds necessary to create our future. In the next several months I will be working to assemble a Board of Directors for the VCS Foundation, working with the VCS community to secure major funding for programmatic, as well as capital projects, and introducing a vision of what we hope VCS will look like in 2024 when the school celebrates 50 years! You may have seen the rendering attached, but that is a first pass at what I hope the school will start to look like in the months and years ahead. I’m also excited about starting an initiative to support teachers and students in enhancing the learning experience at VCS. I call it the Pursuit of Excellence Endowment, and it is designed to give VCS teachers the ability to enhance the learning experience of their students by having funds available over and above what the budgets allows to create new and meaningful learning experiences for their students. This is because I always tell people that while I do want VCS to have the latest and state of the art facilities, it’s what goes on in the classrooms with the teacher / student experience that is the most important part of what VCS does.

More to come on these things, and I look forward to talking with everyone about the future of VCS as we get into another fantastic school year. Stay tuned for updates on what is happening with the VCS Foundation, and all the cools things happening at VCS!

Bye for Now,