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Nurturing Faith, Fostering Academics, Building Community

Pre-K & Kindergarten

At VCS, we believe in sparking curiosity early. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs lay the foundations for lifelong learning, emphasizing basic academic skills and social interaction.

Our nurturing environment fosters a love for learning while embedding the fundamentals of Christian faith.

Elementary School (1st – 6th)

As our students grow, so does their thirst for knowledge. Our Elementary School curriculum enhances their learning through academics, hands-on projects, and character-building activities.

We integrate faith and learning, instilling Christian values in our students as they explore the world around them.

Junior High & High School

Our commitment to education continues into Junior High and High School. Here, we prepare students for their future.

Our ACSI-accredited curriculum, coupled with opportunities for spiritual development, creative expression, and competitive athletics, ensures our students are ready for whatever path they choose.

Quality Christian Education Within Reach

An affordable, quality Christian education

At VCS, we believe in providing an affordable, high-quality Christian education for anyone who seeks it. With our Variable Tuition, there is a possible 40% reduction in tuition depending on your family’s unique financial position. Calculate your potential tuition through our tuition estimator.

Nuturing Faith and Values

Deepening Faith Through Education

Our students grow both academically and spiritually, enriched by a curriculum that nurtures faith and character.

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Rigorous Academics

Active Student Life

Affordable Christian Education

Enriching Student Life and Academics

VCS Fosters Well-Rounded Students

Our ACSI-accredited programs ensure our students are prepared for their future, whether that leads to college, career, military, or beyond. Our rigorous academics are offered from Pre-K through High School on a safe, unified campus, provide a strong foundation for any path our students choose.

Competitive Athletics: Body & Team Spirit

At VCS, athletics is more than just sports. It’s about building character, fostering teamwork, and promoting physical health. Our diverse sports programs provide opportunities for all students to grow and excel.

Academic Enhancement: Intellectual Curiosity

Our commitment to academic excellence doesn’t stop at the classroom door. With a variety of enrichment programs and clubs (chess, speech, and more!0, we encourage our students to deepen their knowledge, broaden their skills, and ignite their intellectual curiosity.

The Arts: Creativity & Expression

Music, drama, and visual arts play a vital role at VCS. Our arts program encourages students to explore their creative side, express their ideas, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of God’s creation and student talent.

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VCS partners with families who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who share biblical values as born-again believers. To read our Statement of Faith, click here.

“We have been delighted by what we have witnessed coming to life in our daughter as a result of her daily experiences at Valley Christian.”

– Lisa, VCS Parent of 8th Grader

“Valley Christian has been an excellent experience for our family. It is a caring community of teachers and staff that educate efficiently while maintaining a Christian perspective.”

– Dale, VCS Parent of 7th and 9th graders

“I can see in my kids the influence that the teachers have had on them. I can hear it how they pray now. I see it in the confidence they have coming home from school.”

– Holly, VCS Parent