Position title
Directed Studies/Special Education Teacher

Contracted By: Valley Christian School

Time Required: Full-time Position August 2022-June 2023

Responsible To: VCS Head Administrator

General Description: Directed Studies is an important part of the total educational program at Valley Christian School. Through the services of Directed Studies, special educational assistance is provided to help students with special needs to have a successful experience at VCS. Specifically, he/she will work with students, teachers, families, and administration to deliver appropriate accommodations and services to students who have been identified as needing additional help. This may include scheduling times and tutors for pullout services, managing hours and billing as appropriate, and scheduling, attending and documenting IEP/504 meetings with teachers and the local school districts. He/she will work under the supervision of the school administrator and in conjunction with the School Principals, Admin Team, and Teachers at VCS.


  1. Shall hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Special Education.
  2. Shall be a born-again Christian living a Spirit-filled life.
  3. Shall exhibit spiritual maturity and concern for the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic welfare of students.
  4. Certified by ACSI or willing to work towards such certification.
  5. Must be able to keep confidences and use mature discretion in dealing with students and parents.
  6. Must have genuine love and rapport with students, parents, and staff.
  7. Experience in organization and communication.


VCS student academics for those who qualify for Directed Studies in K-12.


  1. Spiritual Leadership
    1. Helps create an atmosphere of spiritual awareness in the student body through his/her positive spiritual leadership and life testimony.
    2. Maintain an attitude of Christ-like helpfulness in all situations within the school.
  2. Academic Guidance
    1. Works with Principals and teachers overseeing the Directed Studies Program helping facilitate communication for academic students of concern on a weekly basis and development of 504/IEP type plans for students with special needs in the 1-12th grades.
    2. Development of pull-out services to assist students at their identified grade level needing this accommodation in 1-12th grades.
    3. Provides academic counseling services to the student and parents in Directed Studies in a professional and effective manner in accordance with the Valley Christian School mission, purpose, and core values.
    4. Maintains professional, effective, and punctual communication with parents, staff, and students according to the responsibilities under Directed Studies Services at VCS.
    5. Timely completion, correspondence, and implementation of student Accommodation and Modification Plans for Directed Studies Students.
    6. Work with the local School Districts to connect VCS families/students with resources for testing and special services.
    7. Coordinate services for After School Tutoring and the Homework Center.
  3. Administrative Services
    1. Maintains documentation and files for all Directed Studies students including IEP/504 and correspondence.
    2. Provides tutoring hours and details to the Business Offices for invoicing and payroll.
    3. Documenting assessments and providing modified transcripts/diploma for students in this category.

Application Process:

Please submit a letter of interest and current resume along with the VCS full teacher application. Only those applicants who have filled out the application completely will be considered for an interview. The teacher’s application may be found on our website at www.valleychristianschool.org under Careers. Please mail or email all applications with resumes to the following addresses. No faxes, please. The position is open as long as posted on the school website.

Mail: Valley Christian School – 10212 E 9th Ave – Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Email: dtabish@vcsc.org and rchadduck@vcsc.org

Phone: (509) 924-9131

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April 19, 2022
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Position: Directed Studies/Special Education Teacher

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