Assistant Principal

Position Category: Administrative – Renewable 11 Month Contract (August 2021-June 2022)

Reports To: Valley Christian School Head Administrator

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Under the supervision of the VCS Head Administrator, the PreK-12 Assistant Principal provides direct oversight, supervision and management of the day school students, faculty, and educational programs.  He/She will assist in the general operation of the school as a member of the Administrative Team.


Education: The Assistant Principal shall hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and possess, or have in process, ACSI All School Principal Credentials.  His/Her advanced course work should include graduate training in administration, supervision and/or curriculum development.  He/She shall be competent in the supervision of the learning-teaching process.

Spiritual: He/She shall be a born-again Christian as described in John chapter 3, who is exemplary in his/her Christian walk.  He/She shall be an active member of an evangelical church.  He/She shall possess physical and mental stamina and an emotional stability in the face of sometimes trying circumstances.  As a foundation, he/she must possess a firm conviction that God has called him/her to Christian school administration.

Experience: He/She should have both teaching and educational administrative experience that is relevant to the position. Christian School experience is preferred with a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of Christian education and Biblical world view instruction.  He/She must have an ability to oversee business and financial matters as it relates to the position in a wise and prudent manner.

Leadership: He/She should possess leadership qualities and temperaments to direct the academic, spiritual, and social development of the students effectively and strategically. They shall have a love of people, be a servant leader in a positive manner, and have the ability to work well with other adults, (faculty, staff, parents, and School Board).  He/She must be self-motivated, well-organized, and possess skills in public speaking and written communication.  He/She must have a balance of tact, diplomacy, and social awareness.


Spiritual Leadership

  1. Provide spiritual leadership to teachers, parents, students by example and instruction.
  2. Promote the Christian philosophy of education throughout the school.
  3. Portray the school's mission, core values and image to the community positively.


  1. Aid Administrator in recruitment and hiring of qualified faculty and staff
  2. Arbitrate site personnel grievances in accordance with school policy.
  3. Recommend to the Administrator termination of a faculty or staff member when necessary.
  4. Help Head Administrator keep faculty and staff updated regarding policy and procedures.
  5. Maintain effective communications among faculty, staff, and administration.
  6. Work effectively with other Departments in the school to fulfill the school mission.


  1. Generally, observe, document, counsel, define problems and identify solutions regarding teaching personnel and programs in the school.
  2. Develop and promote activities and processes which result in healthy spiritual, academic, and social development of the school community.
  3. Supervise the support staff and faculty in carrying out the PreK-12 program.
  4. Help organize and supervise collaborative channels of communication between all faculty, staff, students, and parents.
  5. Assist the Administrator in identifying and implementing opportunities for faculty and staff to stimulate instructional improvement and professional growth.
  6. Encourage positive relationships between the school, homes, and churches.
  7. Carryout the established evaluation system of all PreK-12 teaching faculty and support staff.
  8. Assist the Administrator in the development and operation of Co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.
  9. Organize, lead, and maintain required faculty meetings as needed.
  10. Meet monthly with all first-year teachers to discuss problems, answer questions and give general guidance for professional growth.
  11. Review lesson plans weekly.
  12. Attend and participate in monthly Administrative Team meetings.

Instructional Leadership and Curriculum

  1. Communicate principles of scriptural integration into every facet of instruction (Biblical Worldview).
  2. Oversee the continuous development of the school curriculum for academic excellence (including textbooks, audio-visuals, supplies, and the actual course of study).
  3. Work with the Administrator to create and cultivate engaging and relevant programs within the day school.

Student Affairs

  1. Administer matters of discipline according to policy manual and student handbook
  2. Work with students, parents, and faculty to develop positive Christian attitudes in all phases of school life
  3. Direct and oversee the admission and withdrawal of all students
  4. Develop activities and student involvement to continually raise spiritual interest and maturity in students
  5. Supervise all elementary publications


  1. Work in cooperation with the Administrator and Business Manager in planning, maintaining, and controlling the school budget.
  2. Communicate budgetary information from the business office/Administrator to faculty for budget planning, control, and usage.

Public Relations and Development

  1. Work in cooperation with the Administrator and Development Director in the presentation of the school to the community at large and to smaller communities (churches, groups, etc.) through media, presentations, visitations, and other means for school awareness as is appropriate.
  2. Help identify and communicate areas of needed fundraising for equipment, divisional projects, program development, etc. in accordance with Valley Christian School policy.
  3. Work with the Faculty to promote the school programs through their departments and classrooms to the community constituency.

Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance

  1. Help identify and oversee the general upkeep, use of, and safe condition of all educational buildings and grounds.

General Duties

  1. Cooperate in the development of master schedules.
  2. Approve and coordinate elementary and secondary activities and maintain in accordance with the master calendar.
  3. Approve all chapel programs and speakers and supervise the general conduct in assemblies and chapels.
  4. Make recommendations to the Administrator for administrative and general school policy consideration.
  5. Assumes any other responsibilities assigned by the Administrator necessary to the efficient operation of the school


  1. Assist Administrator with inquires and interviews of new students and families.
  2. Help recommend acceptance or denial of student applicants and communicates findings in a timely manner to the administrator, office manager, and business office.
  3. Communication of mission, core values and all appropriate policies and procedures related to admission to incoming families.
  4. Collaborates admission testing for new students.

Please submit a letter of interest and current resume along with the VCS Assistant Principal application. Only those applicants who have filled out the application completely will be considered for an interview. The Assistant Principal application may be found on this page under Attachment, simply click the application to download. Please mail or email all applications with resumes to the following addresses. No faxes, please. The position is open as long as it is posted on the school website.

Mail: Valley Christian School – 10212 E 9th Ave – Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Email: | Phone: 509.924.9131

Date posted
December 18, 2020
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Position: Assistant Principal

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